After Darkness, Light 2015 Ligonier Conference


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I have been watching the recordings from the After Darkness, Light conference from Ligonier Ministries. This is a must see for any Christian.  Sessions that I recommend are Alistair Begg’s session on “Truth,” Dr. Stephen Lawson on William Tyndale, and both of the Q&A sessions.

You can find all of the sessions for free at

What About Lent?


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We are in the middle of Lent for the 2015 year. Personally I do not observe Lent in the traditional sense. First, there is nothing wrong with Lent in its premise.  I do think that many people observe it simply because it is tradition and not because of its intention.

We all need to have time of reflection and spiritual cleansing but it cannot be something that is just going through the motions. I have been guilty of going through the motions as I am sure we all have. It is so easy to just “put in our time” and call it a day when it comes to the things of God.  Devotions, check. Prayers, check. Good deed, check. All done for the day.

But that is not the life we are called to live. We are to continually die to self and live for Christ in all that we do. This is something to strive for and I am sure you will find that it is more difficult than you might think. We live in a fallen world and that will not change until Christ returns.

I am reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul, “The thing I wish to not do, I do, and the things I want to do I do not do.” How true is this for all of us? The Christian life is not one of glamour, it is not easy, it is hard work. It is continually dying to self and honoring Christ.

So while I don’t observe Lent per say, I do recognize the need for a time of reflection, meditation, and prayer.

What to do about Islam?

With the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, with terrorist attacks all around the world, people are wondering now more than ever what is Islam all about?

I don’t pretend to be an expert on Islam, I’m not.  What I do know is that it does not teach the saving love of Jesus Christ.  Followers of Islam are not on the path that leads to Heaven.  It is our job to pray for them, love them, and show them by example what it means to be a follower of Christ and the One True God.


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